Frequently Asked Questions

Arrival questions

Where will I meet my driver?

As access to the interior of the Airport is restricted, your driver will be waiting for you holding a sign with your name on it when you the building of the Larnaca airport. Our driver will be standing outside the gate that is between of the Car Rental companies counters. Please identify yourself to the driver and you will be promptly taken to your vehicle for departure to your destination in Cyprus.

If your pickup is at a hotel please wait at the entrance of the hotel or at the lobby near the reception. If our driver can not identify you immediately, our driver will ask for you at the reception.

What happens if I can not find my driver?

In the unlikely event that you can not find you driver, you can contact us at the emergency phone line we will provide you with your booking. Our phone line is open 24/7/365 for your convenience.

What happens if my flight to Larnaca is delayed?

We monitor inbound flights to Larnaca on a regular basis. Should your flight be arriving later than expected, our drivers will be aware of this and will be waiting for you. There is no additional charge for this.

General questions

How do I pay for my transfer?

You can choose to pay our driver or online.

In cases of custom itineraries or larger groups we might request a payment which  you can make a bank transfer to our account with the following details:

Bank: Bank of Cyprus


Currency: Euro

Account holder: G.P.S. Luxury Taxi Ltd.

Account IBAN: CY51 0020 0195 0000 3570 1153 2808


Who are you?

This website is operated by G.P.S. Luxury Taxi Ltd, a Cyprus registered company that owns and operates taxis, minibuses and other transport vehicles. You can learn more on our About us page. All bookings come directly to us and we provide the service to you without any middlemen and commissions being paid.

Do you offer a best price guarantee?

Yes, we offer a best price guarantee for all bookings. We want you to be sure that the deal you get is the absolute best. Learn more on our “Guarantee” page.

What happens after I complete the booking?

We contact you at the email address you give us to confirm the details you have provided. Please respond to our reply for your booking to become confirmed.

Can I change my booking and how?

Yes. Please email us with what you need changed in your booked transfer.

Can I cancel my booking?

Cancellations can be made up to 12 hours before scheduled pickup. Please contact us at +357 70006661.

Vehicle / transfer questions

Does my driver speak English?

Yes, all our drivers can easily communicate in English.

Do you offer child and booster seats?

Yes, we offer child and booster seats. You do need to book them in advance so that we know to have them on your vehicle.

Are your vehicles insured?

All our vehicles are insured as European and Cypriot law requires.

Are your drivers vaccinated for Covid-19?
All our drivers have completed their vaccinations for Covid-19. Rest assured that all health and safety protocols are followed when you travel with one of our vehicles.
Do your drivers wear face masks?
All our drivers are obliged to wear a mask at the time of greeting you and while driving. All health and safety protocols are followed when you travel with one of our vehicles.
Are your cars and minibuses disinfected for Covid-19?
All our vehicles go through a disinfection process after each ride. The health and safety of anyone who rides in one of our vehicles is of great importance to us. All necessary measures are taken to ensure that all health and safety protocols are stricktly followed.